A 2006 MFA graduate from London’s Royal College of Art, the British artist’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles will feature drawings on paper and board, composed entirely of pluses (+) and minuses (-) to evoke a binary process of recording images. Using a range of graphite pencils of varying hardness to indicate shape and depth, Richardson crafts images from memory which evoke orbs, voids, constellations, amoebic forms, webs, matrixes and binary data streams. Through a strict, minimal mark-making practice, the artist creates a seemingly endless variety of elemental forms, each of which present an undefined, meditative space for reflection.

“The object’s being does not lie at all in the material of which it consists but in the void that it holds. It is within this void that the image resides. My work aims to draw this void into existence, where nothing becomes something, the edge. The visual object has the capacity to articulate an image beyond the naming of it, a presence that does not separate the subject and object but allows the viewer to be in the space between.”

– Frances Richardson, 2006


Daniel Weinberg Gallery
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