James Siena’s enamel paintings on aluminum are comprised of systems of repeating markings and linework. The individual marks combine to create complex abstract designs based on algorithms and patterns.


November 6 - December 4, 2010



JAMES SIENA, V-Module, 1999

Uncle Polyvalent, with Voids

JAMES SIENA, Uncle Polyvalent, with Voids, 2000

Shifted Alternating Connections

JAMES SIENA, Shifted Alternating Connections, 2000

Proton Saga

JAMES SIENA, Proton Saga, 1999

Zone Two

JAMES SIENA, Zone Two, 1994

Ramparts (after spacelock)

JAMES SIENA, Ramparts (after spacelock), 1999-2000

Nine Constant Windows

JAMES SIENA, Nine Constant Windows, 2002

Upside Down Devil Variation, Red & Brown

JAMES SIENA, Upside Down Devil Variation, Red & Brown, 2004

Double Recursive Combs (Spaceless)

JAMES SIENA, Double Recursive Combs (Spaceless), 2004

Coffered Unknot (Second Version)

JAMES SIENA, Coffered Unknot (Second Version), 2004

Twirly 4

JAMES SIENA, Twirly 4, 1997


JAMES SIENA, H-Space, 1998

Endless Loop

JAMES SIENA, Endless Loop, 2005

Hercules (for Goltzius)

JAMES SIENA, Hercules (for Goltzius), 2006

Upside Down devil, Fourth Version

JAMES SIENA, Upside Down devil, Fourth Version, 2002

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