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EXPO Chicago (2012)

LOREN MUNK / Painting Time: A Historiography (2010)

Selected Bibliography

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New York Times, September 2011

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Robert Rauschenberg Timeline (study)

Robert Rauschenberg Timeline (study), 2010-11

Annus Mirabilis, Annus Horribilis (Jasper Johns 1945)

Annus Mirabilis, Annus Horribilis (Jasper Johns 1945), 2012

Some California Artists (study)

Some California Artists (study), 2010-11

Barbie Values (study)

Barbie Values (study), 2002

Four Art Movements

Four Art Movements, 2911-12

Painting Must Die (study)

Painting Must Die (study), 2010

A True Masterpiece Of...

A True Masterpiece Of..., 2012

Floor Plan of MoMA

Floor Plan of MoMA, 2012

Man On Bike

Man On Bike, 2012

Visible-Invisible Post Conceptualism

Visible-Invisible Post Conceptualism, 2012

John Graham - Ron Gorchov

John Graham - Ron Gorchov, 2008

Ferus Gallery Study

Ferus Gallery Study, 2010

Art World Connections

Art World Connections, 2010

Timeline Spiral

Timeline Spiral, Undated

Untitled Abstraction I

Untitled Abstraction I, 2012

Gumball Machine

Gumball Machine, 1996


Drink, 2012

Dada Through Fluxus Flow

Dada Through Fluxus Flow, 2010

What Happens When You Look...

What Happens When You Look..., Undated

Symbolic Clusters

Symbolic Clusters, 2010

Silk Tie

Silk Tie, 1999

Members of the Puteaux Group

Members of the Puteaux Group, Undated

Leo Castelli Portrait

Leo Castelli Portrait, 2008

Ferus Gallery...

Ferus Gallery..., 2010

Greater Williamsburg (Artists Map)

Greater Williamsburg (Artists Map), 2006-08

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