The works on paper created by Steve Gianakos are rife with contrasting themes of vulgarity, sophistication, humor, and innocence. His montages, made up of obscure cartoon graphics, are realized through printmaking and haphazard paint application on patched pieces of paper. The surrealistic juxtaposition of imagery forces the viewer to confront themes of eroticism, popular culture, and parody.

STEVE GIANAKOS / Works on Paper

June 13 - August 22, 2009
Opens July 11, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


She Was Going Back...

STEVE GIANAKOS, She Was Going Back..., 2009

She Loved Working In her Garden

STEVE GIANAKOS, She Loved Working In her Garden, 2009

She recalled an especially...

STEVE GIANAKOS, She recalled an especially..., 2009

Her Hair Dresser...

STEVE GIANAKOS, Her Hair Dresser..., 2009

Mother and Daughter

STEVE GIANAKOS, Mother and Daughter, 2009

The Stressed out Urban...

STEVE GIANAKOS, The Stressed out Urban..., 2009

She Gained Entree...

STEVE GIANAKOS, She Gained Entree..., 2009

She Was Also One...

STEVE GIANAKOS, She Was Also One..., 2009

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