Daniel Weinberg Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with Victoria Gitman. This new selection of work will feature “The Beauties”, drawings and paintings depicting re-creations of Old Master portraits, and the “On Display” series, impeccably detailed paintings of antique purses and ephemera.

“The Beauties” are a series of small portraits based on the works of Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Gitman meticulously re-creates the originals through a slow-motion process, turning the immediacy of Ingres’ studies into deliberate, almost fetishistic, paintings and graphite drawings. Viewing of the works mimics the process; each requires close examination, creating a courtship between the work displayed and the viewer. “The Beauties” are a study in perception of beauty and femininity, materiality and illusion, and subject and image.

“On Display” presents vintage fashion accessories reproduced with taxonomic precision. In this new body of work, beaded purses (in a change from previous paintings, each is colorful rather than all-white) are composed of intricate geometric patterns. When viewed from a distance, the minute details blend into solid blocks of color and shape, evoking theories of modern abstraction. Although void of personal belongings, each purse is filled with social, symbolic, and personal historical meaning. Gitman works painstakingly on each painting, creating the work bead-by-bead in a labor that mirrors that of the creation of the actual object.


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