The New York based artist’s fourth exhibition with the gallery will feature ink and graphite drawings, which reflect their intense, almost obsessive making. They resemble aerial views and charts, reflecting a wide range of sources, from road maps, satellite imagery, electron micrographs to anatomical diagrams.


Los Angeles Times, February 2010


January 9 - February 13, 2010

Installation Views


Containment Separation

DANIEL ZELLER, Containment Separation, 2008


DANIEL ZELLER, Detachment, 2009

Divergent Misdirection

DANIEL ZELLER, Divergent Misdirection, 2009

Elusive Confirmation

DANIEL ZELLER, Elusive Confirmation, 2009

Embedded Profile

DANIEL ZELLER, Embedded Profile, 2009

Incomplete Disconnect

DANIEL ZELLER, Incomplete Disconnect, 2008

Internal Backflow

DANIEL ZELLER, Internal Backflow, 2009

Invasive Continuum

DANIEL ZELLER, Invasive Continuum, 2009

Morphic Disconnect

DANIEL ZELLER, Morphic Disconnect, 2009

Nominal Enclosure

DANIEL ZELLER, Nominal Enclosure, 2009

Nominal Extrapolation

DANIEL ZELLER, Nominal Extrapolation, 2009

Speculative Symbosis

DANIEL ZELLER, Speculative Symbosis, 2008

Trade Balance

DANIEL ZELLER, Trade Balance, 2009

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